Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Space

I like to see where everyone works on their projects and how the space works for them. So, I thought I'd share my space. The room I work in is a multi-purpose room that we call "Bubba's Room." Yes, that is in Bubba, the dog. This room was his first (yes, my dog had his own room) and as new functions have been added it remains Bubba's room. In a future post, I'll show you Bubba's digs. But, for now, back to my project area.

When a local company relocated they gave away their old office furniture. I was lucky enough to get three of the filing cabinets and purchased a piece of counter top from Lowe's to serve as a work surface. This works great!

A lot of my office and craft supplies are stored in this sweet secretary type dresser. She was in pretty bad shape when I got her for $5 at a white elephant sale. But we fixed her up, gave her some new paint and hardware and she's a beauty again.

The area is still kind of sparse but I just love the two pieces of "art" that I have hung so far.

The first piece is a window that I painted brown and distressed a bit. Then I made copies from an old bird book and mounted them to the window panes using photo corners. I didn't take an individual picture of it but it's above the counter top.

The second piece is very special to me. When I was little I used to look through the photo albums my mom created as a teenager in the 1940's. The albums have black craft paper pages and the photos are mounted with photo corners. She gave me some of the duplicate photos a few years ago and I wanted to display them. So, I mounted them to black craft paper with photo corners before I put them in the frames. This way I have them out for all to see, but still retain the photo album look I remember from my childhood.

And, here's a photo of my mom. I wish scarves would make a comeback; they're so ladylike.

I'll have to show you the computer/office area at a later date as right now it's filled with all of the "mess" that was in the project area before I took the pictures :) You didn't really think my project area was that neat, did you?

Thanks for stopping by!

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