Sunday, January 30, 2011

Necklace Case


I have really been getting into costume jewelry these days.  And I've been struggling to keep all of my necklaces from getting tangled.  I was thinking of buying a jewelry organizer, but then I saw this in Goodwill.  It was only $2.99.

The interior has mirrors on the three sides - which kinda reminds me of that mirror they use on "What Not to Wear."  Good thing it's only my jewelry going in here and not my big butt!  It also has some etched flowers on the glass that I'm not so fond of.  And the legs were gone.  And the pulls were gone.  But not to worry.

I took it home with me and yada, yada, yada, this is what it looks like now.  New paint, feet, twine tassels, tuxedo pleats, etc. It looks pink online but the fabric is just muslin.

I thought this was silly.  This was sitting (upside down) on the desk next to the computer. Bubba likes to sit in my lap while I'm online. He was very startled by the mirrors inside the case.

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  1. How sweet. It's amazing what a bit of paint can do. My kitty also likes to sit in my lap when I'm online. She chases the arrow around my screen :)

  2. What a lovely find. You did a great job with its transformation.

  3. Love the photo with Bubba in it! What a cute little lap dog.

  4. I love the fabric pleats, covering the glass. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up!

  5. It looks really lovely! I just did something similar with an old jewelry box. The old ones can be so drab.

  6. Darling- love it with a bit of shabby paint! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  7. I just bought a jewelry case at a thrift store TODAY for $3.98! Wasn't looking for one really, but just thought I would ask the price. It happened to be the right one! I am glad I saw this post...because I was trying to figure out how to redo it. Thanks. You have given me great ideas!