Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fast and Easy Table Runner

The day after Christmas a few years ago, I purchased some pretty white and silver coordinating ribbon. When I stopped at my mom's house the other day, I saw that she needed a table runner to match her blue and silver ornaments. All I did was sew the ribbon together - we're talking all straight seams here nothing fancy - and the whole project only took about half an hour. (I had previously made a pillow for my niece using 3/4 inch wide ribbon and that took quite a bit longer). My runner was limited by the amount of this ribbon I had. I might have to make her another one for next year when she alternates and uses red and gold. Sorry my pictures aren't the best - I'm still getting the hang of it. Just to get an idea of how it will look at her house I put some blue ornaments in a bowl. I just hope she likes it...


  1. Wow-that is so gorgeous! Your mum will love that and it looks great with the blue doesn't it!How clever you are!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

    PS It is so hard taking good pictures isn't it! My 12 year old daughter told me just today that I should be using the macro setting when taking close ups...of course she then had to explain what a macro setting was as I am useless at photography! She was right though! Don't you hate it when a 12 year old is smarter than you!!

  2. Awesome idea....there are so many beautiful Christmas ribbons that you could make several different runners! Thanks for linking to Mi4M :)