Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Projects


Just thought I would share a few Valentine's Day decorations that I came up with this year.  

Felt Topiaries
Just cut a styrofoam ball in half, draw a circle in the center of the rounded side.  Cut up ~a ton~ of little petal shapes.  Hot-glue them to the styrofoam.  When the petals are done, make a button with a button maker for the center.   Use a small dowel as the stem, wrap it in ribbon and vintage eyelet lace and pop it into a little pot.

Button Heart
This is the button heart I made in ~April~ last year.  I was a little behind with my Valentine's decor, but this year I'm all caught up.

Love sign
I just painted some chip board letters white and adhered them to some craft paper.  A very quick decoration.  I have a silly, sweet  story about the letters, though.  My husband and I were in a craft store on an out of town trip.  He usually would never step foot in a place like this.  We got separated and when I found him he had this little bag of letters.  I asked what he found and he said "I'm gonna get these," with a smile on his face.  I gushed about how cute they were and then asked what he was going to use them for.  He blushed!  He hadn't thought of what to use them for, he just knew he liked them.   It was such a cute moment.  So, they came home with us they have sat in the my craft bin waiting for just the right project.  How appropriate that they would be used for a "LOVE" sign.

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  1. I love all your little crafty touches. Very cute! The story about your dh is sweet.

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment on my blog. :)

  2. Cute!!!! Love both the LOVE sign and the topiaries. Thanks for stopping by my blog & for leaving me a comment.